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Health & Safety

Each one of our employees are important to us. We provide for our team with PPE, we employ a Health and Safety Officer, full risk assessment are written for each role, we have on-site first aiders and we have an on-site defibrillator. We are continuing to change and adapt how we work to give our staff a safe workplace.

Some of our latest research and developments have been in relation to;

  • Dust inhalation
  • Hand/Arm Vibration Syndrome
  • Manual handling techniques

Training Programs

As stone masonry is a tailored craft, our staff need to be highly trained. A large percentage of our staff undertake various training programs such as First aid training, fire safety training, abrasive wheels training, a range of driving courses and general safe working environment training. We feel that repeated training is of utmost importance in our business as it reminds our staff of the dangers at work and allows them to develop their own skills.


Here at S McConnell & Sons, the impact we have on the environment around us is very important. As our main production factory and head office is based in the heart of the Mountains of Mourne, we always try our utmost to minimise the effect that our business has on the surrounding area.

How we protect our environment:

Water recycling plant
Solar Panels
Electric Fork trucks
Our packaging material is from recycled materials
Our Waste
Equipment Management System in Place