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S McConnell & Sons

Here at S McConnell & Sons Ltd, we specialise in all things natural stone.
With over 60 years of experience our team quarries, designs, machines, and fit all types of natural stone.

As a result of our hard-working ethos, extensive range of CNC machining equipment and world class stonemasons we have produced some of the most prestigious builds across the UK, Ireland and further afield.

Our History

S McConnell & Sons have been quarrying, producing and supplying natural stone since 1960. We use a combination of specialised traditional skills and state of the art technology to manufacture top quality stonework.

Our only limit is your imagination.

Our Process

Over the years we have changed and adapted how we do things to make our processes practical and efficient.









Our Team

At S McConnell & sons we are proud of all our employees and the skills that each of them acquires.

We as a company take great pride in every aspect of our work and this moral is embedded into our staff.

Our directors in the company all have 50+ years of experience of working with stone form all over the world

A Responsible Business

As we at S McConnell & sons are one of the leading stone masonry companies in the UK and Ireland, we try our utmost to protect and improve our corporate image in all ways possible. Throughout our works we have measures in place to protect our staff, our community, and our environment.

Our Objectives

Since our formation in 1960, we have had a strong focus on the growth and development of our business.

Here at S McConnell & Sons, we strive to produce the highest quality of work which motivates our staff to continue an upward progression. We produce monuments in memory of those who are no longer with us, we clad shopping centres for family day trips, and we build stone for private houses to turn it into a home for a family to make a lifetime of memories.

Objectives in short:

  • High quality of work
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Motivated Staff
  • Minimise effect on the environment
  • Maximise production
  • Efficient systems

By doing this we aim to:

  • Provide customer satisfaction
  • Make more people see that stone is not a historic building material of the past
  • Develop our portfolio
  • Exceed our client’s expectations

Our Awards

Within the construction industry awards are not uncommon but when it comes to awarding specialist companies it can be more challenging to be recognised as a company that is leading in its area of work.

Here at S McConnell & sons, we have an extensive awards list that stands as a testament to our company and the work that we produce.